Just Peachy Business Solutions helps extend company resources for project creation, structure, and implementation so your business can keep growing and prospering.  We do that by providing interim support for your team to help you “bridge the gap” in order to achieve your goal.

Just Peachy Business Solutions has an experienced project manager that is passionate about assisting your small business or ministry with:

  • Small scale monthly IT/ Website support (just when you need it)
  • Short term assistance – projects, high activity time, short staff fill in
  • Implementation/Upgrades of  CRM’s and Donor Management Systems
  • Development Liaison for Website Designs/Redesigns
  • Installing/Upgrading Phone Systems
  • Outsourcing Operational Roles such as IT, HR, and Accounting
  • Budget/Cost-Reduction Reviews
  • Process Automation Reviews
  • Interim Operations Management

Contact me today and let me help you “bridge your gap!”